Monday, February 10, 2014

Under the Gardiner,Toronto

30x48 oil on canvas
Toronto's Gardiner Expressway runs along the lake and divides the city of Toronto from Lake Ontario. Not a great idea, but when it was built no one was concerned about the industrial lands along Lake Ontario. Now of course, with condos along the water and much of the industry gone, everyone wants the Gardiner gone.
I liked the way the concrete pillars receded into the distance on this messy day. Without a lot of interest in the concrete highway of the foreground, I got out my palette knife to create texture and some interest.


J & B said...

Great Work, unusual painting good subject too
they keep saying the Gardiner will be dismantled
so you have a work for History.
love it.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Hi Catherine, thanks for your comment. I had been looking at your work yesterday and thought I needed to write you a note as it has been forever. So, thanks for getting it started! I don't correspond much these days. Your work is incredible, you seem to have grown in so many ways. Your paintings are really well done and looks like you have refined your style and technique to a real professional level! Congrats on great work. On the other hand, I feel I am no farther along, still struggling to find my niche…. someday!

Sarah said...

Hi Catherine. Your recent comment reminded me that I have barely been following my favourite bloggers and artists recently. Since the demise of iGoogle I forget to check. I love all your work but I find this one especially interesting with the recession of the columns and different shades of grey. Here in St. catharines we have the QEW cutting the city in half and I have long been meaning to feature it in a painting.wh

Barbara Muir said...

Very cool. You are so good.

XOXOXO Barbara