Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evening Light, Queen and St. Patrick

24x30 oil on board
This snow scene is a little out of place for this time of year, but I have decided to work on all of the paintings I planned to do. I am extra motivated because I signed on to do the One Of A Kind Show in November in Toronto. It is a very popular venue, with lots of people attending.
This scene is from the corner of Queen Street and St. Patrick. The evening light shone through the buildings, illuminating the March snow fall.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Toronto Streetcars at Spadina Crescent

24x24 oil on board
I got tired of waiting for rain, and went ahead and did a rainy scene anyway. Our hot dry summer hasn't been great for my rainy day inspiration.
This rainy day view features Toronto Streetcars near Spadina Crescent. The Gothic Revival  building in the background is part of the University of Toronto and is home to the fine arts department I believe.