Friday, December 16, 2011

Toronto Streetcar, Snow on Queen

8x10 oil on stretched canvas SOLD
The atmospheres and scenes that I choose to paint require the use of gray tones. I have been creating grays using different mixes. For this painting I used ultramarine blue mixed with transparent iron oxide for the main color scheme, and added white, cadmium red, and yellow ochre for highlights.
I purchased James Gurney's book "Color and Light". There is so much info in it, it is mind boggling. In his section on Grays and Neutrals he says "Grays or neutrals are the opposite of intense colors. We sometimes associate grays with blandness or dullness, but they are actually an artist's best friend. More paintings fail because of too much intense color rather than too much gray,"
Passengers board a Toronto streetcar on this blizzardy day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spadina and College Rain, Toronto

6x6 oil on board
Spadina is a street full of eclectic stores, wonderful colors, lots of activity, and home to Toronto's Chinatown. This view features the corner of College and Spadina during a downpour in the fall. I am continuing to experiment with color palettes and in this picture I used Viridian, Ivory Black and white for the main background and added cadmium red, yellow ochre, and cadmium yellow as highlights.

After my show in July of this year, I chose to devote my time to family responsibilites and my art was set aside. It was an all encompassing path which didn't allow time to pick up a brush along the way, but it was a path that I needed and wanted to take. My beautiful wonderful mother passed away Nov. 20 after a difficult illness. I will cherish every moment I spent with her.