Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morning Light in Liberty Village

16x20 oil on board
Early morning light illuminates a Toronto Streetcar on King Street West in Liberty Village. The light in this image was very subtle, with no strong colour contrasts. The colour of the light effects all objects in an image and for this reason, I find that a limited palette works best to try to keep the harmony in the painting.  For this picture, I used primarliy Ultramarine blue, terra rosa, transparent oxide red, cadmium red, cad yellow, yellow ochre, titanium white.
Thanks to Ben Roffelsen for the photo reference.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Rainy Day Shopping on Spadina

24x24 oil on canvas
I've painted this scene a couple of times, but I wanted to visit it again, trying to capture the misty rainy feeling of the day. It should be a "fun" scene to paint with so much going on, but this also makes it difficult to bring the two sides (bright signage, misty background) together. It was more about leaving out details and looking at what made the image interesting.
This painting will be available at the Toronto Outdoor Art Show, Nathan phillips Square, July 5, 6, 7.