Friday, February 14, 2014

Sailboats at Macdonald Marine

24 x 30
Oil on canvas
I know this is quite a change from my previous posts. I entered a "contest" at the upcoming show (the Artist Project) that I am doing Feb 20. Even though I'm exhausted from painting, I committed to the contest which is called "Set Sail". I looked through my marina files (photos I have taken over the years at different marinas on Lake Ontario) and found one that I thought would be good to paint. was really really difficult. I had the water pretty much the way I wanted it, and then the mast reflection had to go in. What a mess.  It was more about paint removal than putting paint on.
These sail boats are moored at Macdonal Marine in Hamilton.



Well, if you struggled as you say and I believe you, it doesn't show. This is a lovely painting.

J & B said...

Great colour and subject , you are on a roll here
Super pic, not too much longer keep it up.

AK said...

Love the colors.