Friday, July 26, 2013

Plein Air, Green Rover

8x10 oil on canvas panel
Another attempt at plein air painting. This scene was very close to home. I walk by it almost every day when walking my dog Bailey and always remark to myself that it would make a great painting with the touches of red roses and the copper beech tree. Of course the green Rover (1950's?) stole the show. I wanted to get the car right, and so I did a bit or preliminary drawing on the car. I still think I have the nose too short, but I'm sure I will be corrected by the car buffs in the family.
I found myself reaching for the knife more often than I normally do, to get the golden colors to sit on top of the darker background.
Although I prefer moody rainy subjects, I can't plan the weather. I am enjoying a bit of change in the colour palette.
I have a pochade box that has been altered to hold 8x10 and 4x6 and  sits on a camera tripod. I don't normally use a styrofoam tray for a palette, but I forget one and grabbed this at the last moment.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Green Garden Door, Dundas

8x10 oil on board
I have been wanting to get outside and do some plein air work. It is a nice break from doing larger studio paintings and hopefully can help incorporate more spontaneity in brushwork and the overall energy in a painting. Signing up for shows on a regular basis leaves little time for plein air work, but I feel it is important...and it is fun.
I need to get over my shyness which has always been a problem with getting outside, especially in a town or urban scenario.
My first attempt in a long while was done in my town of Dundas. my focus was the ivy covered brick wall with the green garden door. The afternoon light was crisp and cool, which required warmer shadows. I forget my thinner, so it was a learning experience trying to keep my color mixes clean and reserving brushes for either darks or lights.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Late Afternoon Light, King and University

8x8 oil on canvas
Thanks to all the wonderful people who came to my booth during the TOAE in Toronto. It is the communication and feedback that makes shows like this worthwhile and one of the reasons I like to get out and do these venues.
I have been focusing on learning and painting grays, mostly painting rainy muted scenes. I want to add more varieties of light conditions and a few more colours to my palette while incorporating what I have learned about grays.
In late afternoon, as the sun moves behind buildings, the light bounces around,reflected off of the highrise glass. This study is from University and King Streets in Toronto.