Monday, August 12, 2013

En Plein Monitor

8x8 oil on canvas paper
I am hoping to get into the city to do some plein air painting. I think it is important to have some idea how we will approach a scene when we are out there. There are many ways to start a painting. We can do a monochrome value study, draw it in, or block it in and paint from there. In my "Plein Monitor" painting, I chose to block in with thinned paint and a large brush and work from there. I kept to a limited palette of ivory black, viridian, yellow ochre, cad red, and white. (I often use this for rainy scenes). I also worked from a black and white photo to get my values right. (I won't be able to do that out doors).
How do you approach a painting? I would love to hear some thoughts and opinions.
I will be doing the other 8 x 8 in a less limited colour palette and will post that one shortly.


Marie Theron said...

Thank you for sharing the colours of your palette! I for one, will make a note of them. All the best with your outdoor work, Catherine!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Catherine,

Each painting is different. So much depends on the subject matter, whether it's from photos or a live subject or still life. I start with a ground on canvas, and then draw on the ground. Then I build up more
coloured grounds depending on my mood, and take off.

Love what you do.

XOXO Barbara

Karen Werner said...

I got a chuckle out of your term "plein monitor"! I am asking myself how I start a painting. I tone the canvas and draw in the basic shapes with thinned paint. I don't "block in". After the drawing I follow my instincts depending on the subject, which is why I don't really know what I do. Apply paint and leave it alone, I guess.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Thanks Karen and Barbara for your comments! I like that you are both instinctive. I should try that more often.

Michael Sason said...

Hi Catherine,
I like your works, they are great. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Every painting "tells" me how to approach the painting process, which is mostly intuitively, although I also do draw the outlines with the brush to give me the right proportions. But that depends on subject matter.

When I read about your palette I thought to share what palette I use. I like to work with a limited palette. The colors I use are Cadmium Yellow Pale, Vermillion (warm red), Alizarin Crimson (cool red), Ultramarine Blue (cool), Cerulean Blue (warm), Phtalo Green (cool) and Titanium White.

I do not use any "black" colors as I find that an equal amount of Aizarin Crimson and Phtalo Green makes a rich "black" tone that has color in it. When I want to use a "warm" grey, I add a bit of Cad Yellow to the it. As you might know, white cools any color. By adding Yellow, I warm the tone.

Depending on what sort of black or grey I need, I add Ultramarin Blue, Alizarin, Cad Yellow or Phtalo Green to it.
Anyway, you can read a bit more on my blog if you want.

Kind regards
Michael Sason