Friday, August 16, 2013

Late Afternoon Light, King and University

24x24 oil on canvas
I did an 8x8 version of this scene and wanted to try it on a larger scale. I wanted to keep the looseness and spontanieity of the smaller picture. I tightened up more that I would have liked, but I'm ok with the result.
The late afternoon light is reflected off high rises, creating some shadows and highlights. The Union Building which is home to the Elephant and Castle is illuminated in the background.
(There is some glare on the picture, which I will correct when it dries and rephoto)


Marie Theron said...

The result is splendid, and the dividing line of the lamp pole works well, emphasising the angularity of the buildings.

Barbara Muir said...

Am impressive painting on 8 x 8. I am in awe.

XOXO Barbara