Monday, July 27, 2009

Minden Tims

6" x 6"
Oil on Canvas
While visiting my daughter in Minden Ontario this past weekend, I noticed this great floating Tims sign. I am fascinated with unique quirky signage and all things Tims. This sign was floating on a board in a marshy area on the edge of a lake. In an area surrounded by lakes, marsh, and the Canadian shield, I thought this quite creative. Minden Ontario is north of Toronto in "cottage country". It is called the "near north" because it isn't really north, I guess. It is north enough to have bears, wolves, moose, deer etc. and plenty of cold weather and snow in winter.


myra anderson said...

Wonderful painting! I never heard of floating signs before!

Unocchio Vecchiaccio said...

Very cool.... from Unocchio ... I am just across the street from Minden Nevada .. :-)

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Wow, Minden Nevada, I will have to google that place...see if there are similarities.