Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crossing Dundas Street, Toronto Ontario

6" x 6"
Oil on Board
People crossing Dundas Street during the afternoon commute in Toronto Ontario.

I would like to thank Laurel Daniel for giving me the Bella Sinclair award for "friendship, sisterhood, caring and sharing. I will take this opportunity to pass it on to others who have been encouraging in their comments or who I respect for their contributions in making the "web world" a better place.
MaryAnne Carey, Tammy Hext, Carol Schiff Studio, Kathy Weber, Carol Marine (I don't know Carol on a "comment" basis, but in following her blog, I believe her to be one of the hardest working, positive, encouraging artists out there. The Yoda of art bloggers.) and (following Laurel Daniels lead) my sister Paula. My sister has always supported me and encouraged me to keep working and keep trying. She is a firm believer in the adage: if you believe in yourself and follow your heart, good things will happen. Thank you Paula!


Tammy Hext said...

Thank you so much for the award Catherine. Your kind words and encouragement mean alot to me as well.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Catherine,

Congratulations! This is a beautiful painting. Nice abstraction and mood.

Take care,


magicmyst said...

I love your bold brush strokes and colors. I am really enjoying your blog. Can I just ask a question,"Does it rain all the time in Toronto Ontario?" You have lots of scenes in wet weather. Beautiful, the water adds so much to the mood.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Hi Kay
Thanks for stopping by. It doesn't rain all the time in Toronto. Although I am looking out at the pouring rain as I write! We have had a lot of rain this year, and so I have been able to get lots of material for painting. I love moody weather, reflections, and interesting light, so I guess I choose these subjects. By the way, I enjoyed looking at your pastels. I have so much admiration for pastel artists, because I just can't do them.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Hi Catherine,
I have been away for a few days, nice surprise to come home to! Thanks for the award, (my first!!!!) I appreciate it, and all your correspondence and encouragement. I have enjoyed and been enlightened by your work and process!!! thanks!