Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowy Tunnel, Toronto

16 x 20 Oil on Canvas
Traffic passes through a tunnel on a messy day in Toronto. Snowbanks filled with salt and dirt line the streets, cleared away after a snowfall. 
We have been having some very cold snowy messy weather in Southern Ontario..perfect weather for reflected light.
Thanks to John Tavares for the photo reference.


Unknown said...

Really perfect weather for reflected light. Thanks for sharing the photo of Toronto Traffic. Here is a toronto airport taxi services.

Montag said...

O, Merry Christmas and all that. Pretend I am not remiss and late, but am Ukrainian Orthodox, and am more than a week early.

I like this.
Have you ever seen the Russian film "Solaris", particularly the dreamy drive on Xway and tunnels? It reminds me of it.
(Not the George Clooney "Solaris", which is a gem in its own right.)