Friday, September 7, 2012

Chinatown Rain, Dundas St. West, Toronto

24 x 30 Oil on board
I knew this scene would be challenging. There are too many colors (for me) The composition has the Streetcar heading out of the picture, and deciding on the proper light source temperature was almost impossible. I finally realized that with all the warm colors of the buildings, the light source had to be somewhat cool. I originally had the pedestrian in the foreground with a dark coat, but as soon as I changed it to white it seemed to bring the weak composition together.
This painting will be available at theToronto One Of A Kind Show in November.


Kim Rempel said...

It's lovely Catherine! You have such a way with rainy scenes and headlights. Your figures are terrific in this. I like the white coat too, it forms a nice triangle with the umbrella and bus.
Have you done One Of A Kind before? Exciting!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Catherine,

This is lovely. The light amazing. Beautiful.

XO Barbara

Montag said...

I seem to enjoy all your work. It sort of resonates.

Montag said...

One other thing...

I saw a picture of a fellow I had met once 41 years ago in a little town on the escarpment, and he was sailing with someone named "Catherine Jeffrey".

I have no idea if it were you. I have never seen you without a coffee cup.

Karen Werner said...

The white coat is genius.