Friday, May 13, 2011

Yonge Street Rain, Toronto

24x24 oil on canvas
This is the third time I have attempted this scene, and it didn't get any easier. I wanted to do it larger than previously, and as usual, my bad habits came into play. I grabbed the smaller brushes and started doing details. Then, having to be away from the studio for a day, most of the paint dried so I had to remix all the colors. I made sure at that point to keep all the small brushes far away. (Why does the need to do realism keep sneaking back into my style) I did an acrylic sketch of this scene to see how far I wanted to go with the colors. I still subdued them a bit, and the oil allowed for more blending. This is probably the last time I will visit this particular scene, although Yonge Street is still a favorite spot for me.
The store in the foreground is called Pia Pia Fashion Boutique, and some letters of the Zanzibar club sign are just visible next to the yellow canopy sign. This is Yonge Street in Toronto.

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Montag said...

To me, this is C.A.Jeffrey: the rain creating another copy of the day in its wet palimpsest mirror.

Maybe it reminds me of Jorge L. Borges writing about reflections of reality and forking paths... as if we could jump into another life in the parallel dimension of the rain.