Monday, August 17, 2009

Subway Station Shelter

20" x 16"
Oil on Canvas
I wanted to do something with a little more color. When doing a city scene, objects need to relate to the scenery around them, so that the perspective isn't lost. with bold colors, this is harder to do.
This is a scene from Union Station in downtown Toronto. People are heading down to the subway or Go Transit. A line of Taxicabs wait on the street.


myra anderson said...

I do love the color! You are the master of reflections! And, I love the foggy sky!

myra anderson said...

Did you come over for 'lunch?'

magicmyst said...

The colors are gorgeous. How do you manage to finish your paintings so fast?

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Kay, the only way I can finish these larger paintings is by staying with them for several hours at a time, until I am so sick of painting it I have to get away from it. I then leave it in the studio and decide if it is finished. Also, when painting "wet into wet" its necessary to have a large block of time to get most of the areas done at one time.(if you have a full time job, juggling art can be difficult..I only work part time.)

Mary Anne Cary said...

You are on a roll, keep it up! You make me feel unproductive!! Another great city scape, you have found your niche!