Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Morning Business Meeting"

6" x 6"
Oil on board
A "Board Room" for many people as they get ready for the work day.

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Mary Anne Cary said...

Hi Catherine,
I'm impressed with your productivity!! Looks like you've been busy! Nice work, really like the boats. Your brushwork looks great. I feel like you did a while ago. I've been going away, have a sick doggie I'm nursing and have only been painting hit or miss. I have to get on the move or I will lose my way, if I don't stay with it I lose ground fast.
We have a lot of leaves and on the cusp of full "leafing". Not everything is out. We had a wonderful spell of real warmth, just a tease because now we are back to cool temps and rain!! The worst season here, it takes forever, but we have to appreciate the little progressions. I see these gardens south of here with azalea explosions in March and I would like to move to a place with a real spring!! Keep painting!!!!!!