Thursday, April 13, 2017

Saturday Shoppers, Dundas Ontario

8x10 oil on canvas
I don't often paint sunny days, normally preferring the moody atmosphere of rain or snow. In this scene I liked the backlit figures with their colourful clothing in contrast to the figures in the shadow under the store awning.
. This scene features shoppers walking past Picones in Dundas. Picones is a wonderful store that has been in Dundas over 100 years. It features the best of everything from produce to baked goods and irresistible prepared foods.Dundas is also where I have my studio.
Summer isn't here yet, but it won't be long!


J & B said...

for an 8 x10 it has a lot of interest, backlight especially making the darkness sparkle

Helene Adamson said...

You may not choose to paint sunny days often, Catherine, but perhaps you should -- this is fabulous. Of course, I do love the darker moody scenes at which you are so accomplished, but you are obviously great with light as well. The backlight and lovely shadows in this are a delight.