Friday, June 5, 2015

Rain on Yonge Street, Dundas Square, Toronto

24 x 24 oil on canvas
It was quite a downpour when I took this reference photo. I looked so drenched, someone wanted to take my photo. I have to admit it. I love the rain, the moodiness it creates and the atmosphere. Dundas Square on Yonge Street is our version of Times Square in New York. It is much smaller, but is interesting nonetheless. Large signs change the colours in the street. The Ed Mirvish theatre, formerly the Canon is visible on the right.

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Elizabeth Merchant said...

Rain on Yonge Street is a strong composition. At first I felt the umbrella could have been a different shade or different color. On the other hand... and upon a second viewing... I realized why I felt drawn into the picture... as the auto headlights are behind the pedestrian. And the dynamic tension in the picture is felt because the autos are coming towards the man with the umbrella. Will they slow down... or just try to swerve around him?