Saturday, June 21, 2014

And Now for something completely different...

Toronto Victorian and Garden
8 x 8 oil on canvas
 I don't normally do this type of scene. But I do love old houses and gardens so I thought I would have some fun with colour.
Toronto has some amazing older homes and I hope to get around to painting more of them this summer...and hopefully include some gardens at the same time.

Thanks to Ben Reffelsen for the photo reference.


J & B said...

Wow Shock and Awe! a profusion of colour,unexpected
but I agree older houses seem to grow their plants and
not make them look like a park. Lovely painting,hope it
was fun to paint.

Barbara Muir said...

Beauty. We do have great houses, and this is the ideal month to paint them.

Love this.


Marie Theron said...

Doors and windows are so inviting and full of promise. I love this one!

Unknown said...

You capture the Toronto I grew up in. I do paint gardens and you can paint anything amazingly well!