Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Promise of Spring

8x8 oil on canvas
When I was taking photos in Toronto a couple of days ago, it was windy, rainy and cold. We haven't had a very nice spring here in southern Ontario, but we are hopeful that the nice weather will arrive. I took this photo in front of the Hudson's Bay store on Bay Street. The young lady was walking by the display window full of spring blossoms and pastel dresses.


J & B said...

Love It,

Barbara Muir said...

This is gorgeous! Right on too. Today was warmer. Things are starting to grow!

I don't know how you do this on such a small canvas!

XOXOXO Barbara

Mark said...

I love your style of painting. It's so loose and painterly. Your work is beautiful.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Thanks for your comments Barbara and Babs. When I paint smaller, my mind makes the transition and everything follows: brushes, brush strokes.
Mark, thanks for stopping by and for your positive comments.