Thursday, July 25, 2013

Green Garden Door, Dundas

8x10 oil on board
I have been wanting to get outside and do some plein air work. It is a nice break from doing larger studio paintings and hopefully can help incorporate more spontaneity in brushwork and the overall energy in a painting. Signing up for shows on a regular basis leaves little time for plein air work, but I feel it is important...and it is fun.
I need to get over my shyness which has always been a problem with getting outside, especially in a town or urban scenario.
My first attempt in a long while was done in my town of Dundas. my focus was the ivy covered brick wall with the green garden door. The afternoon light was crisp and cool, which required warmer shadows. I forget my thinner, so it was a learning experience trying to keep my color mixes clean and reserving brushes for either darks or lights.