Monday, March 4, 2013

Nocturne No. 3

24 x 24 oil on board
Sometimes the hardest decision in a painting is finding a grey mix that is suitable for the overall background of the picture which will hopefully add to the harmony of the piece. Being a night time scene, I didn't want something too warm, so I decided on a mix of terra rosa, ultramarine blue, with a touch of ivory black. Keeping a limited palette, I hoped to mix most of the colors with adding cadmium red, yellow ochre and white. I added a couple of touches of viridian. Night scenes will be a whole new learning experience.

The local critics (husband) decided that I should remove the litter bin from the painting. I really don't mind it, but perhaps I could put in newspaper boxes instead.
Thanks to John Tavares for the photo reference for this painting.

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