Friday, June 22, 2012

Evening Commute, John Street, Toronto

6x6 oil on board Sold
I spend a lot of time trying to create atmosphere and mood by experimenting with various colour palettes, paint applications, and surfaces... and as interesting as this all is, sometimes I just want to paint a picture.

 When I take photos I spend a fair amount of time in the middle of the street (as carefully as possible) and I am often rewarded with unique and interesting images. I just loved this image of a young woman cycling on John Street passing in front of a streetcar, probably heading home from work. The sun was beginning to recede behind buildings, leaving a light glow.


Molly said...

I love seeing the seasons change through your work.
Hope you're well. Lots of love.

magicmyst said...

Hi Catherine, I'm glad I finally made time to visit your blog. Your work is inspirational. The rainy day scenes are my favorites. You capture mood so well. This street car looks like our tram system in Melbourne. It makes me feel very much at home.

Barbara Muir said...

Exciting and frightening composition. You pray the streetcar doesn't hit the girl. Be careful standing in the middle of the street here in T.O. It's crazy in the traffic.

XO Barbara

Marie Theron said...

Hi Catherine, Only by being so observant as you are, the little differences in atmosphere can be depicted. Here , the light shining off the metal surfaces shows a last attempt of the sun to play its part! This is a very accomplished image if one thinks of the tiny format you worked on.