Monday, April 30, 2012

Umbrellas on Spadina

12x12 Oil on Canvas
Trying to achieve harmony in my paintings, I have been using a limited palette and focusing on values. With this painting, I still kept a limited palette but changed to Ultramarine blue, Ivory black, Transparent Oxide Red, Viridain, Cadmium Red, Yellow ochre, cadmium yellow medium, and titanium white. I also wanted to keep it loose, so kept my painting time to three hours.
These fabulous umbrellas and their owners are waiting to cross Spadina on a rainy day in Toronto. 


Barbara Muir said...

It looks like this in Toronto today. Great painting. I like what you do with the palette. It's good to be so planned.

XO Barbara

AK said...

Love the simple strokes and the way you capture light.

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

It's beautiful, and I cannot believe you painted it in 3 hours.