Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red Bag, Church Street Toronto

6x6 Oil on Board Sold
I have been starting these last four paintings using a larger brush and getting as much information down on the surface before switching to a smaller brush as suggested by Mike Barr in an earlier post. I think it does make a difference. I know I fussed a bit with the young woman's face, but I do need some practice painting people. It has been awhile since I have done portraits. Some things I have learned lately that I try to pay attention to:

If the color you apply over an existing color looks muddy, it is usually because it is the wrong temperature, not because you mixed a "muddy" color.
Start a picture with a brush that seems too large for the scene, and do details later. The dabs of highlights applied at the end will "pop".
 In warm light, use cool shadows. In cool light where the object has cool colors, use warm shadows. I'm still working on this one. Red is a difficulty for me.
Do a value study!!!!!!!!

This young woman walks down Church Street in Toronto, crossing Front Street in front of the Gooderham Building.


Marie Theron said...

Splendid! I love the close-up and profile of your lady, Catherine! And thank you for those tips, I will try to adapts some of them.

Marie Theron said...

Grammar mistake slipped in...sorry! It should read: I will adapt some of them! I also wondered about the size of your canvas, are you doing some small ones?

Edward Burton said...

I really love the composition and the complimentary color palette. A very beautiful piece, Catherine.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Good reminder tips Catherine! I do like how your trees look with the larger brush, nice effect! Good placement for figure, came out well!!

Kim Rempel said...

I really like the light coming down the street and the way you blocked in the greenery and cars. You are a master at wet streets. It's absolutely lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Another beauty! This big brush technique lends itself to a more abstract image... the landscape here seems to float over the wet pavement. Great tips. Thanks!

Tammy Hext said...

Another spectacular one Catherine. It just glows - could not wait to get to your blog to check it out.

Sarah said...

I love this piece. The addition of the figure makes an interesting departure and the complementary colour adds considerable interest to the composition.

Molly said...

I was stunned when I saw this picture, I know you don't paint people much but this caught my eye right away. I love how you make me look at everyday things in a beautiful way, especially colours.
PS Italy is great, 40 degrees everyday, might be home in August for a week to visit, coffee date?
baccio baccio baccio