Monday, November 16, 2009

Under The Mast Hoist 2

11x13 Oil on Canvas
I always say that if you think a painting is done, don't leave it on the easel. I think I may have left this one there because it didn't seem finished. I have had a few busy days of not getting into the studio, so today, getting ready to start a new picture, I thought I would add a few dabs of paint to this one on the easel to see if I could "liven" it up. I also picked up a palette knife which I rarely use. I didn't look at the reference photo, I just painted. This is the result. I think I like it better.(click on picture for a larger view)

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Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Catherine, I don't know what to say! When this came up on my screen, I loved the gorgous golden glow. It made me wonder why you paint rainy days when you are so good with sunlight. Then I scrolled down to the earlier post and loved that one too! I am so fickle. The red hues are so exciting. I must conclude, I like everything you do!