Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thursday Night Jazz at The Rex, Queen Street

30 x 48 Oil on Canvas
This is another Jazz themed painting for the Jazz show at Petroff Gallery July 19th. Queen Street in Toronto still has many older small buildings mixed with larger newer ones. (As most streets in downtown Toronto).Of course the smaller older ones are always more aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian friendly. 
The Rex Hotel is a great venue for jazz. I took the photo reference on a Thursday evening as patrons were arriving to catch the shows.


Mary Anne Cary said...

This is a very rich painting, you are an expert in color choice. Good luck with the show!!

Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

I keep meaning to leave comments re your recent paintings-especially the last 2 large ones-they are so saturated in beautiful atmosphere !

anyway i can see how you push yourself in your work with really dynamic results- and the large scale must have immense impact in person-so great to read your show was well received-was it the artist project? congrats-and also for inclusion in the petroff show !

Karen Werner said...

What a great painting! There is so much to look at, and the large value shapes make it a strong design. I bet it's stunning to see full size!