Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jazz Bistro, Victoria Street, Toronto

36 x 48 oil on canvas
  As I mentioned in a  previous post, Petroff Gallery, using the Beaches Jazz festival as inspiration, is putting together an exhibition of works inspired by or representative of jazz music. I chose one of the two studies I did of The Jazz Bistro and painted it on a much larger scale. A lot of the painting was a study in greys and deciding which ones wouldn't contrast with the yellows, reds, and greens. it was a lot more difficult than I thought and the problem solving revolved around maintaining proper colour temperature. 
The Jazz Bistro and Senator Restaurant are located in some great older buildings on Victoria Street in Toronto. They really hold their own against the monolithic Rogers Building next door. I can't believe how much the Toronto streetscape changes from year to year. I hate to see the old buildings come down and I hope these two will hang around for a long time to come.


J & B said...

I can see you have two little cars in the big paiinting and
it really does sort make it feel right, really like this one

J & B said...
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mary maxam said...

You bring new life to each street and late day light pattern! Another winner.

Barbara Muir said...

Really love this Catherine. I agree. I hate to see the old buildings come down too. They are our heritage, and I wish Toronto could be more like New York City and realize that.