Saturday, June 4, 2011

Toronto's Painted Ladies

6x6 oil on panel sold
The other day the forcast was for rain and more rain, so I grabbed my camera gear and headed into Toronto hoping to get some nice rainy shots of the Kensington Market area. As the train was pulling into the station, the rain stopped and I was left with a boring gray cloud cover. I decided to head over to the Kensington Market area anyway, took in the Art Gallery of Ontario (more on that later) and then wandered around the streets between the University of Toronto, Kensington Market and  Dundas Street. There are some wonderful Victorians here, some in a state of desrepair, some fixed up nicely, and many of them painted in  unique colors. They are surrounded by fences, gates, and overgrown gardens. As I wandered around, the sun would peak out every now and then, and shine through the many lush chestnut trees that lined the streets. I'll get that rain another day.
6x6 oil on canvassold


Unknown said...

These are so lovely! You have the uncanny talent to put a BIG painting on a compact canvas. This amazes me.

suzannepaints said...

You captured a feeling. Hope to see your rainy day scene soon. This little painting is terrific

Mary Anne Cary said...

Great colors, and great subject matter! Looks like a beautiful area with lots of character.
I have been wanting to write about your question in regards to loose or detailed work, but like you have been busy and looking just in passing. So for a delayed and short answer, I like your loose work. You are right about the spontaneous look, it is such a fresh and expressive way to paint. As you know, I have struggled with the same issues and regularly deal with these dilemmas! Although your detailed cat is beautiful and definitely has a place, I think your less fussy paintings stand out and are more appealing!

Marie Theron said...

Dear Catherine, I'm so glad you are "back in Yonge street"! I love this style more than anything else.I love these colourful buildings of yours!

Did you notice that I took my plunge and bought 6x6' cotton duck wrapped canvasses? I posted on Facebook the door and windows I am painting onto them.

Montag said...

I can hardly express how this overwhelms me with aching for the past and love for the present and future.

Nora MacPhail said...

Yep, that's Toronto!
Hello fellow Canadian! Your artwork is lovely. You're capturing Toronto, where I live, perfectly!
Happy Painting,
Nora MacPhail