Monday, April 4, 2011

Plein Air Painting-Stone House in Greensville

8x10 oil on canvas panel
I wasn't sure if I should post this picture. I struggled with the color palette I chose, it started to pour rain, and the whole experience was quite difficult. I have been wanting to do some plein air work, especially on the days when I don't have a large block of time for studio painting and today I felt like getting outside.
I used Kevin Macpherson's palette when doing this picture. He uses a limited palette of cadmium yellow pale, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and titanium white. I read about this palette while looking at Rene Pleinair's blog. Rene recently joined our group "daily painter originals". I have often enjoyed looking at Renee's work and noticed that the landscape of the Netherlands looks a lot like the area where I live. I decided to try the palette he uses, based on Kevin Macpherson. People say using a limited palette is easy. I found it very difficult mixing all those grays from so few colors!.
This old stone house is in Greensville, a small town next to mine. This house has sat in a state of desrepair for several years, but someone seems to be living there still.


Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

My goodness Catherine I can't believe you painted outside today of all days with the force of the winds and sporadic rain!!!! i went out and painted over the weekend and it felt so good to be back-but no way today with those gale force winds so cheers to you! which makes this painting all the more impressive--good planning ahead re pallet-those decisions have to be made quick once you're out there- and i know what you mean re grays-have a helluvatime mixing them as there are so many transitions this time of year-but you've really nailed them in this painting-love the mood of this as well
*did you have your bungee cords?

Sarah said...

I love this palette Catherine and yes, it does look a little like Renee's. It has helped to create a wonderful sense of balance in the picture with all the elements playing off each other. As for the greys, they may have been a challenge, but I think you were well rewarded for all your hard work.

mary maxam said...

Rene's work is this same kind of feeling tone. I really like this and the limited palette worked beautifully.