Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Showers, Yonge Street, Toronto

12x12 oil on canvas
Spring is finally making an appearance here in southern ontario. Almost time to put the snow shovels away, although snow in April isn't unheard of. I was anxious to get back to some rainy scenes. I want to do some larger pieces so will be doing some 12x12 to decide which ones will translate well into some larger canvases.
I love this corner of Yonge Street. It is so busy, lots of different signage, and nice blue buildings in the background.
(I was unhappy with the photo I took of this picture. It came out looking very orange. I changed the white balance setting and it worked out much better. I have been using the "shade" setting rather than the Auto and it has been working well, but with this one, change was required. I don't know a lot about photography, but the white balance setting makes an important difference in getting colors correct.)

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shirley fachilla said...

Love your rainy day street scenes. The light glinting from the curving curb in the foreground is just wonderful.
You're right about the white balance. I, too, know practically nothing about cameras and now have a new one to learn. But white balance can certainly help control the blues!