Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plein air paintings, Dundas

March 26 Waterfall behind the quarry houses
Mar 18 Birches and Path on the sandhill
Mar 24 Looking toward Hamilton from the sand hill
March 18 Looking towards the golf course from the sandhill
3x5 water color and gouache on watercolor paper
I am primarily a studio painter, but I want to incorporate some plein air painting into the mix. I would like to have a small kit to take along if I am away from the studio and want to do some quick studies. I was really impressed with Nathan Fowkes and the method he uses. He is truly a master at creating light and drama with simple shapes and quick studies. He uses water color and designers gouache, a little easier than everything needed for oil painting. His painting kit is described HERE He shows demos on his blog, and if you follow along and do one, you get the idea of how he is using the paint in almost an oil painting method. 
 Most of these scenes are within 15 minutes walking distance from my house. I want to do some urban scenes, but I am still too shy to get out in the streets..I need a little practice in more secluded locations before I am brave enough to tackle some urban scenes. Is there a way to overcome this shyness?


Marian Fortunati said...


Thanks for the heads-up about the demos, too!

Mary Anne Cary said...

Great challenge for yourself, and I agree about being in an urban area! In a group would surely be easier! I love these, I bet you will frame some.......

Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

These are so beautiful and loose Catherine--as fresh and spontaneous as they are, all echo your unmistakable eye for design and form--luvem!

don't know what to suggest re getting out there and painting in the city-go with a quiet friend?-doesn't have to be an artist-they can ward off the onlookers--a lot of artists paint in their car..

*re your comment on my blog-bungee cords are one of my plein air 'must haves'-indispensable re holding canvas/easel on gusty windy days

Karen Werner said...

I love these sketches. Thanks for the info on Nathan Fowkes. I'm going to try his method too. I think they'll help with design, simplifying and value patterns. I didn't find a video on his blog, just progression that what you are referring to? I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful paintings and sketches. Thanks for sharing about white balance too. Very helpful.