Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Umbrella

8x8 Oil on Board Sold
I wanted to try a painting using a pinky/red ground rather than the transparent red oxide I usually use.I'm starting a larger painting that has lots of red/pink colors in the signs and reflections, so I wanted to see how it might look. I know that Jennifer McChristian uses a ground that shows pinky/red in her finished paintings. In one of her posts, she said that she uses Indian Yellow and or thalo red rose as an underpainting. I used an acrylic base of primary majenta (the only pinky red in my paint box). She is having a workshop as we speak (I mean type) and Carole Marine and Becky Joy are in attendance. Jennifer must be very good.
Does anyone out there use an underpainting or ground? What is your preference?
Click on painting to enlarge and see pinky/red


Sarah said...

I love this, the red umbrella really draws you into the painting. I have never got into using coloured grounds in the red-pink range, I tend to stick with neutrals. I have occasionally tried the classical technique of using terre verte under skin tones, which is more the opposite effect. You are always reminding me that I need to stretch myself and try new things.

d'Morais said...

Had already come to your blog and really liked what I saw. Today I confirmed. I do not like rain but like a lot of your paintings about the rain

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Nice work Catherine! I used raw sienna for underpainting but I guess we could change according to the scene, that is pinkish red for cool scenes and warm tones for warmer scenes!
Have you participated in the current challenge of IA?
P.S. One request...please change the background color of your blog to a little lighter shade as the black strain the eyes. Thats how I feel :)

Tammy Hext said...

I like how bright and fresh the pink undertone made this piece. I love using an undertone and letting it peak through - I think it can really unite a painting and adds an interesting layer.
This piece rocks Catherine.

Branka Marinkovic said...

Hi Catherine,

I always tone my canvases with a ground or do a full underpainting (when it is a larger canvas). The colour that I use will most often be determined by the dominant colours of the painting. I will use either a complimentary colour or an analagous colour. The choice depends on whether I am looking for a strong contrast or a delicate harmony. I love your work and I am thrilled to find other Canadian painters who are blogging. I am just starting with it. Best regards, Branka