Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Place to Rest, James Street Hamilton

11x14 Oil on Stretched Canvas

This is pretty much the weather we have been having for the last two days. I put more greenery in than what we have now..there are only a few bushes and some trees starting to show green. I was a little excessive in the "texture" that I put on the canvas before painting. I always add some texture to a canvas or board. Richard Schmid and Mike Svob describe their techniques in their books. After applying gesso and letting it dry, I apply modeling paste with a palette knife and then go through it with a brush. When dry, I can start the painting.
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Ramesh Jhawar said...

Lovely scene and I like your treatment of the canvas!

myra anderson said...

beautiful painting! thanks for the tip on your technique!

Kim Rempel said...

Lovely Catherine. I love the way you get those perfect hits of light (the park bench, the curb) and the slick watery reflections. My son said he really liked this one because of the mood.

Marie Theron said...

It feels chilly in your painting, Catherine, you portray the weather so well! I can almost feel the motorists being a little "blue" the way we will soon feel in darkish rainy wintry Cape Town.

I always notice your texture and how it also reflects light. You use it in conjunction with the rest of the painting. Well done!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Catherine. I like your use of warm and cool tones in your paintings. The sparks of red and orange in the blue paintings really bring them to life.