Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Heading Home, Cold Toronto Evening

11 x 14 oil on canvas
When my Christmas art show  ends in early December, I think that I will get back into the studio right away and get back to work. But then family and Seasonal celebrations happen, and shopping happens, and renovations happen, and then of course I got the worst cold i"ve had in a long time.So now, a month later its time to dive in and get some painting done!
We are having some very cold weather, going to minus 18 C tonight. When it gets cold, the steam from grates escapes into the street, sometimes completely limiting visibility for a short time. 
A young woman with some great boots waits at a transit stop on a cold Toronto evening.
Thanks Chris Lally, Barbara Muir and Karen Werner for your comments on my previous post.

Thanks to Ben Roffelsen for the photo reference.

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Barbara Muir said...

And you come back from the break even more magical than before. This is amazing! I hope the young woman has a hat and a hood. It is toooo cold!