Monday, April 1, 2013

Not Just Noodles, Yonge Street, Toronto

17x20 oil on board
My previous post was about winter's last hurrah. I guess I was wrong. This morning I walked the dog in minus 2 celcius, battling high winds and a snow squall. An April fool's joke from Mother Nature.
I love the name of this restaurant on Yonge Street. In this image, there is lots of slushy snow about, and the reflectionsfrom the yellow sign are mirrored in the wet areas of the street. A Beck taxi and a garbage truck are out and about. I used mostly black, red, yellow ochre, with touches of viridian and cadmium yellow.
Thank you John Tavares for the use of this photo reference.


Barbara Muir said...

Super painting! I love the texture and light, and the great feeling of slush. Gorgeous. It snowed again today -- April 2.

XO Barbara

Montag said...

It causes one to question one's assumptions and stereotypes about winter.

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Great one! The scene is so dramatic with your fabulous values and the slush brings back childhood memories of freezing wet socks and shoes!