Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Streetcar Blues, Bay and King Street, Toronto

24 x 24 oil on cradled hardboard
In preparation for the One of A Kind Show, I have been working a the point of getting somewhat exhausted. But in spite of the exhaustion, I like the momentum. I have a new philosophy when it comes to painting. You are either painting or not. You are not checking your files for new ideas, talking on the phone, looking at blogs or are painting....and there is no in between. (Besides going to make a coffee). For me, part of the procrastination was fear of going on to the next section, or fear of making a mistake, and just basic lack of confidence. Stress has been making me go beyond the fear, and making me keep going. And I now know that to move forward, and to produce requires that one paint....and just paint and keep going even when you are tired or afraid.
I'm running out of ideas for titles of paintings and Streetcar Blues just jumped into my head. A fitting name even though there is NO blue in the painting. Just a mix of viridian and black.


myra anderson said...


Sarah said...

Good luck with the One of a Kind show. This one is as lovely, atmospheric and haunting as all your work. Nice composition too.
I know what you mean about running out of names. I run out of ideas too and envy my musician friends who can play the same thing over and over, it doesn't even have to be their own composition!

Peter Lee said...

Nice work! love the mood that you have created here.

Montag said...

I envy your passion. I am jealous of your commitment.

Barbara Muir said...

You are right. But you can also do other things, and keep painting. I am a painter who paints in fits and starts. I paint, then break, then paint some more. I comment on blog posts for a few minutes and go back to the painting refreshed. So we all work differently. I suspect I have ADHD, but I get a lot of work done with my strange method.

Love this to the max. Great title. You'll never run out of titles.

XO Barbara