Friday, June 18, 2010

Biffs, Front Street, Toronto

8x10 Oil on Canvas Sold
I've been enjoying some of the colorful touches in the scenes on Front Street. Front Street has great shops, coffee bars, pubs and the St. Lawrence Market. In this scene, the red door is open, as if to say,"Come on in, its raining, the coffees hot and the beers cold."


JeMA said...

I would like to sit outside there and have some coffee! Lovely.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

Hi Catherine--I'm curious re your working methods ie do you have a few paintings that you work on alternately?
The last three works have appeared quickly. I quite like the presence of the larger middle painting and goes without saying re the way you've handled the paint and strong contrast with just the right applic. re atmouspheric persp. I love using 1 brush and if stranded on a desert island it would be with my 18 bright....

I like the playfulness of the girl in the rain--wait--is it gone? And this most recent painting is really inviting and it looks like you had a blast filling the flower boxes!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Hi Jema, thanks for you comments.
Jan, I generally only work on one painting at a time. The larger piece was started at 2:00 and somehow came together in 4 hours. (I had already done a value study) The next day I did "Biffs" in the morning. sometimes things go well for no reason.
The girl in the red dress in the rain on the other hand, did not go well! I painted, repainted, painted and hated every moment of it, so wanted to erase the memory :)

Mary Anne Cary said...

Love your colors in this, Catherine. Can't resist those flowers, you did a great job on the foliage and flowers!