Monday, May 26, 2014

Beck Taxi on Yonge

30 x 30 oil on canvas
I really liked the composition on the 6 x 6 painting I did a while back. I decided to try it on a larger scale. One of the difficulties when going larger is the tendency to tighten up and start adding more detail. I worked at leaving it loose and spontaneous, using a lot of squinting and larger brush strokes to maintain the atmosphere rather than focusing on the details.
This scene features a Beck Taxi going south on Yonge Street with Dundas Square in the background.


J & B said...

Got the feeling!

Mary Anne Cary said...

You really got it down, I love the gray overcast brushwork. Stunning, one of my favorites of yours!!

Barbara Muir said...

Love it, love the light. Super.
Wish Beck taxis were as inexpensive as New York cabs. Lovely painting.