Monday, March 10, 2014

Night Lights on King

12x12 oil on canvas
I've been wanting to add some different colours to my palette. One of the great things about the internet is that we can study other artists and often find their colours of choice.I noticed that when Marc Hanson does nights scenes he adds some pthalos and Quin colours. I looked through drawers of paints that I have accumulated over the years and found a quinacridone rose and a phthalocyanine blue and green. I also added cadmium orange. 
I took this photo on a very crisp cold evening, where the sky is a stunning blue (don't know why that happens). With the light bouncing off every object, nothing had the colour we would have seen in daylight.
The sign for the Kit Kat Restaurant is visible above the streetcar.


J & B said...

hazy lights dark night road looks icy and cold,I like it.
will it be going into the Gallery?

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Hi Babs
I'm not sure what is happening with this painting. Maybe I'll take it to my next show.
BTW..loved your icelandic pony painting.