Sunday, July 21, 2013

Late Afternoon Light, King and University

8x8 oil on canvas
Thanks to all the wonderful people who came to my booth during the TOAE in Toronto. It is the communication and feedback that makes shows like this worthwhile and one of the reasons I like to get out and do these venues.
I have been focusing on learning and painting grays, mostly painting rainy muted scenes. I want to add more varieties of light conditions and a few more colours to my palette while incorporating what I have learned about grays.
In late afternoon, as the sun moves behind buildings, the light bounces around,reflected off of the highrise glass. This study is from University and King Streets in Toronto.


Marie Theron said...

I wish I was one of your visitors, and able to chat and watch! I love the new skies as much as I loved the rainy ones.

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful. I was in Nova Scotia when you were exhibiting. Love your work.

XO Barbara