Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Patio, Coach and Lantern, Ancaster

8x10 Oil on Board
We are still in a rainless heat wave here in southern Ontario. But its never too hot to sit on your favorite patio and sip a cold one. This patio sits between two great old stone buildings, one of them home to the Coach and Lantern Restaurant and Pub in Ancaster Ontario.
I used the same palette as in the previous painting.


Sarah said...

Lovely! Nice to see some sun paintings from you for a change. You have worked your usual magic with light and shadows though.
Hasn't the weather been brutal? We had a lovely storm the other day, only about half an hour, but enough rain to fill all three of my barrels.

Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

Catherine i REALLY like this-the varied and softened edges especially-as well as gradations and positioning re people at tables-you are always so clever with composition!

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Gorgeous Catherine. You always do light so well. Love both this and the post before. Great compositions but your edges really rock! Such a talented lady!

Barbara Muir said...

You've got the light and the feeling of heat just right. Love the pink next to the blue in the shadows.

Beautiful painting.

XO Barbara

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Wow...Great warmth in the painting! Nice composition! I like it very much Catherine :)

myra anderson said...

i have been enjoying your paintings! love your rainy days and the sun is also fun! this is beautiful!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Katherine!... Found your site and really enjoyed my first visit!

I love the light ... action... colour and careful design which is so evident in all of your works! Very loose and painterly brushwork even elevates it another notch!

Your depiction of Toronto floods me with pleasant memories of my own many painting trips down into the city!

I'll be back!

Good Painting... Happy Summer!
Warmest regards,
Bruce Sherman

Montag said...

Beautiful and words.... me.