Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Meadow-Pleinair

8x10 oil on canvas panel
It is such a great time of year, I decided that I had to get outside to paint. I'm still a bit shy to paint in town or in the city, but with practice, I will get there.
I really enjoy reading Richard Schmid's early book from the seventies called "Richard Schmid Paints Landscapes". This book is difficult to find, and if you find it, it will cost anywhere from $140.00 to $250.00. The copies have even disappeared from our local library. He has such a great no nonsense attitude toward painting. I love his comment on using photography:

"...photography, like wine, must be used with descretion lest it become a crutch. There is no substitutefor working from life and I would discourage anyone from using photos until he has first put in years of painting from life." 

I do most of my work from photographs, but when time permits, I'm hoping to get outside more often.
This little scene is from a path off York Road, outside Dundas.


Barbara Muir said...

You've captured that new spring mood. Lovely.

XO Barbara

Montag said...

No one person can sun up the total truth about art; even Mr. Schmid cannot get all of it.

Your imagery from photos seems to be rather different than your imagery from life.

I have to say that your paintings from photos have an indescribable ethos all their own, all respect to Mr. Schmid, but I find them uniquely descriptive of a world-view all your own.