Friday, March 11, 2011

March Reflections, Toronto

12x12 oil on canvas Sold
I am a member of Daily Painter Originals, and besides being an online gallery, we also produce videos or slide shows to show the process of our work. I admit to not being much of a techie, but I thought I would give it a try. As I painted this picture, I would stop at different points and take a picture. My son, the in house techie, came into the studio and said "Mom, why don't you put the camera on a tripod and have it set to take a picture every five minites or so (can my camera do THAT? apparently) As it turns out, all the pictures I took will be of varying sizes, but I will attempt the slide show and report back.
I drone on and on about values, and this picture had several challenges. The building on the far right is yellow, but it is in the shade, so it needs to be a cool color since my light source is warm. I mixed a melange of colors that included diox purple, cad red, yellow ochre, and others and came up with this color. Still dark and still cool. As I was painting this picture, I thought it would have made a good abstract subject.
Check out several Daily Painter Original videos HERE. My fellow artists are much better at this stuff than I am.


shirley fachilla said...

With all those great receding overlapping shapes, I think it's an abstract painting as well as a streetscape. This is not to say it isn't a wonderful representational painting, too. Cause it is!

carol morgan carmichael said...

Incredible painting Catherine. Great color, lines and brushwork.
I tried to make a slide show not long ago and decided not to share it because it was so bad. I like your son's idea. Look forward to checking out yours. Thanks for taking the time.

Christine's Arts said...

Fantastic reflections and composition, I love this painting.

Dana Cooper said...

Can't wait to see your video of this lovely piece Catherine, I love these street scenes!

Ramesh Jhawar said...

This is a wonderful painting...a riot of colors :)
I love the composition, perspective and all!

Anonymous said...

That is very nice.