Monday, January 25, 2010

Icicles, Jackson Street, Hamilton On

8x10 Oil on Canvas
I would like to thank everyone for their positive and generous comments on my last post. I was really happy with the way the painting turned out, and its great to hear how others feel about it. Sometimes I feel that I am achieving the looser more expressive style and stronger values I set out to learn ....but I am afraid that if I stop painting even for a short time, I will forget the process. Are all artists as neurotic as I feel sometimes?
On another note, we are in the middle of tearing out the inside of our stone cottage, and so I am spending a lot of time moving stuff from one room to another. (Renovating is so much fun when you live in the house at the same time.) As a result, I have been somewhat absent from painting and blog land and haven't visited as much as I like to. I will make the rounds soon to see what everyone has been up to!!
This painting is from a photo I took last year. I don't know if I have ever seen such large icicles. After our recent rain, all of this years snow has melted away. Still lots of time for a snow storm!


Tammy Hext said...

I for one was having a neurotic episode today and full of self doubt until I got a lovely comment from the Hammer. Thanks Catherine. Beautiful sense of light - I like the contrast of the warm light against the cooler tones of the rest of the piece.

myra anderson said...

I agree with tammy! we are all neurotic! wonderful painting!

Sarah said...

Lovely winter light. You are certainly not alone in your neuroses. I haven't been painting much at all lately and I feel like a beginner every time I pick up the brush. I sympathise with your renovation woes, I am just about to start on another round in my 140 year old house and I am dreading it.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

This is a beautiful painting, Catherine!
Thank you so much for catching up with my work in spite of being busy!

Mary Anne Cary said...

Whoa!! Talk about making an effect! This one had me shivering, great depiction of atmosphere. You handled all that ice and snow so well!
I agree, I am afraid I will forget, I seem to have less time in a day the older I get! (Actually, I get less and less organized the older I get!)

Montag said...

I have been musing over your paitings for a while.

This painting has traffic, a tight space between buildings, a sliver of sun, and icicles that threaten like fangs.
The previous painting has little traffic, wide spaces, and much more sun.

I like them both, but the one from Jan. 9 gives me a sense of joy and freedom...I'd could run right down that street!

Anonymous said...

The winter light and cold are tangible in this. Love the brush work in the snow and on the building. Because of other commitments, I've been away from my artwork for about 2 weeks now, and am well aquainted with the fear and uncertainty in picking it back up.