Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chevy Truck at the Drive Thru

6x6 oil on Board
Its time to get back to some small paintings and studies. Maybe until my studio is ready. It is too difficult to stand back and look at what I'm painting with the bigger see the big picture and not the details. The small paintings keep me honest..I stay closer to the style and look that I want to create. And the best way to do that, is to try not to be too serious, stop thinking, and KEEP PAINTING.
This Chevy truck is turning the corner after going through the Drive Thru at our local Dundas Tim Hortons during more and more rain.


Sarah said...

"Stop thinking and keep painting", sounds like good advice. I love your rain paintings, you have had some good weather for them recently!

Edward Burton said...

Beautiful, Catherine - wonderful composition and great advice.

Tammy Hext said...

Another masterpiece from the queen of reflecitons. I just checked out your website again. It is so neat to see all your pieces together and see how one led to another. Happy painting!