Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The French Fry Truck

16" x 18"
Oil on board
I never know when I'm finished a painting. I like to stop at a point anyway, let the picture sit around for a couple of days, and decide if it needs more work. Inevitably, I will find things that I don't like. For example, I already realized that I forgot the gull's beak. Ha. Also, undecided about whether to put in the city wires. The title is temporary. Needs much more thought....
This scene is from Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto during the Outdoor art festival.


Tammy Hext said...

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for the comment regarding painting fabrics you left on my blog. It helped. I think I was working in that manner, but it helped to see the method in black and white. I have been thinking about you, we are having a great rain storm at the moment. Enjoy!

magicmyst said...

Hi, I really enjoy your work. The colors are gorgeous. The truck is a little bit mysterious. I am left wondering will the cuing be worth the wait?

As for a title, what about "The quick fix", "Food on the run", "Hungry tummys" The fast food jungle". Ask your self what are you trying to say with this painting. Then the title may just flow.

myra anderson said...

This is a wonderful painting. I love the gull in the painting. It adds a touch of surprise. Is the bird a guest for lunch?

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. And Last Cup of Coffee, tell Cream and Sugar thanks for the 5 cream/ sugar award!
Hi Kay..I like "The Fast food jungle" for a title. You are right, I need to know what I wanted to say and why I was drawn to this scene. (And I thought painting was hard work!)

Mary Anne Cary said...

Catherine, I think you have gotten better and better. I think this will be a great contender for the figure entry. Good Luck!