Saturday, May 16, 2009

White Magnolia, Ancaster Ontario

8" x 10"
Oil on Canvas
To all of you plein air painters out there, you have my respect and admiration. This is my first attempt at plein air painting in a long time. I had to take my Mom to a doctors appointment on a gorgeous sunny morning, and knowing the wait would be long, I decided to take along some supplies. Right across the street was this great house with a gorgeous magnolia in full bloom. At nine o'clock, the morning light was wonderful. With fear and trepidation, I began sketching, and then filling in. I have to say that I am kind of pleased, but there is so much to learn.
Ancaster is a pretty town, with wonderful houses and big yards and many historical buildings. Unfortunately, everyone has discovered it and it is now an upscale bedroom community with too much building, too much traffic and too many big box stores.

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Mary Anne Cary said...

This looks great, you aren't rusty at all. I like the building, that's what I have to practice. I have not done any buildings, and I am nervous to try. It's a nice painting!