Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Lexus and a Cadillac

8" x 10"
Oil on Canvas
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I love a picture that tells a story. King Street East near Walnut Street tried to make a comeback, but in this area, most of the stores and restaurants are covered with iron gates or boarded up.


Laurel Daniel said...

Another winner! I thought of you this weekend looking at a Childe Hassam painting at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston. It was this carriage on a wet street at night, so drippy, wet and sparkly... just your stuff.

morecoffee said...

I especially like the sky in this one. It looks distant, light, and open, like it hovers over an inviting destination for the cars on the cramped street. My favourite ones seem to be the street scenes with the sky in the background. :-)

mizmilvi said...

I giggled when I saw the Lexus and Cadillac driving toward the Loans sign!!