Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Passion For Painting

I would like to thank Laurel Daniel for awarding me the Passion for Painting award. When winning this award, the recipient lists 7 things they are passionate about, and then passes the award onto 7 deserving artists.

1. The way a fresh snowfall, rainy day, or interesting play of light transforms an ordinary scene into an emotional event that must be painted.
2. Everyday people and their surroundings and how they live each day.
3. Old buildings and architecture and how they are important in letting us see how we have evolved to become who we are now. And saving these buildings from destruction.
4 .My Father, who helped me see the beauty in everything whether it be old Steam Engines, cars, houses, trees, nature, animals and the list goes on......
My Mother, a beautiful gracious lady who showed us that life isn't about being serious all the time and that music, dancing, and socializing are great things to do.
5. My children who are lucky enough to have their own passions: rescuing dogs, making wonderful music, saving the planet to name a few.
6.Sharing with my husband: Chicago Blues, Renovating old houses, sailing.
7.The smell of wet paint and turps and a canvas on the easel ready to go.

I need to do more research for the artists I would like to pass the award on to. That list will be coming soon.


Laurel Daniel said...

Catherine - I am so sorry to hear about your son's diabetes, but glad you are getting a handle on it! And, glad to have you back... :)

Anonymous said...

Your such a lovely lady.

I cant begin to describe how inspiring and beautiful your words are to me.

I prey for you the strength and love to handle these unforseen events.

Painting will keep you grounded and focused.

You are an artist.